What Clients Are Saying

“Gail has done so much for my companies, words would not come close to describing it! She has helped me take both my business and personal life to heights that I could have only dreamed about. I have worked with her for over ten years, and I am looking forward to the next ten. She also works with key members of my management team. Gail is everything you would expect of a great coach and more. She is a fantastic listener, empathizes with you, yet never allows you to dwell on your issues for too long. Her aim is to move you forward, gently and persuasively, but move you on nevertheless. If you are really serious about making significant changes in your life, you should give her a try!”

 James C. Lloyd, President/CEO – Nationwide Insurance Hall of Fame Agent, insurancehub


“Gail Riegelmayer’s business coaching has helped me define clarity and accountability in bringing all the numerous parts of my business together. Her experience and skills create a powerful package for marketing development. Anyone who can use some help in boosting their business performance would greatly benefit from Gail’s expertise.”

Chris Rzepkowski, General Manager & Partner – DeVereInsulation


“Coach Gail is a very valuable member of my Team. She is the extra pair of eyes and ears that helps me stay on track and build a better business. Her expertise this year alone has helped me learn how to mentor key staff and associates, helped our entire team by using the Wheel of Life to find balance in their life, through the use of personality tests, I now understand the special traits of each individual, she is helping my management team work on holding people accountable to their job descriptions and we have also completed our Vision, Mission and Value statements through Gail’s direction. I would recommend Coach Gail to anyone who needs an ‘edge’ in going to the next level in their business journey.”

Keith Puffenbarger, President/CEO – Nationwide Insurance Hall of Fame Agent


“I think others have seen a change in me and they are more confident in my leading the company. My coaching experience has been freeing in a way that I know I have someone who will give me an honest outside opinion while understanding the nuts and bolts of the industry. This is valuable far beyond friendships and our family advice for situations that pertain closer to the processes and logical thinking aspects of dealing with issues at hand. I appreciate the experience and leadership qualities of my Coach. She is always a few steps ahead.”

Brandon Seay, President/CEO – Your Great Outdoors


“We ended last year with an approximately 10% growth and are up almost 11% year-to-date currently. All of my associates are either on goal or just slightly behind. Your coaching services pay off in spades!! Your assistance is invaluable to our team.”

Matt Boudreau, President/CEO – Matt Boudreau Agency


“Gail Riegelmayer has been an invaluable member of our agency team. For us, her coaching has been instrumental in helping us shape the future direction of our agency. She possesses keen analytical skills and is able to quickly assess situations and recommend or guide us to a positive course of action. In addition, Gail stretches me to improve my own performance and management so that others under my tutelage experience growth as well. She also adds value by serving as an accountability function to me and our organization. She adds ‘teeth’ to our goal setting and achievement process by holding us to deadlines and results that are part of our strategic plan. Her eye to the future of our organization’s development aids us in implementing plans now that will determine our structure and success in years to come. Gail personally coached me to an increased awareness of how to better migrate my position from that of President and operational head to that of CEO where I can better serve the organization in visionary leadership and acquisition of our committed purpose”

Terry Laufer, President/CEO – Nationwide Insurance Hall of Fame Agent, Laufer Insurance and Financial Services

“Gail has been instrumental in helping me transition from insurance agent to Agency CEO. She understands the challenges that we face in our agencies and has helped me to make the changes necessary for personal and professional growth. I now own an agency whereas before the agency owned me.”

Brian Rogers, CEO, Stamford Insurance Group



“Coach Gail has been an invaluable asset to our agency. She has helped us become more profit-oriented, increased our focus and organizational skills, helped us create an environment of accountability for all agency members, and escalated our staff’s professional development through targeted individual coaching sessions. She is a treasure-chest of tools necessary to take your business to the next level of excellence”

Ron & Kindra Smith, President, COO – Nationwide Insurance Hall of Fame Agent, Consultative Insurance Group

“After delegating out more responsibilities, I walked downstairs to help a few people with a few quick things and felt like a maestro. I wasn’t talking with any clients (playing musical instruments) and hadn’t done so all day but I was guiding my staff (the orchestra) on how to perform at a high level. I’ve removed responsibilities off my plate and allowed myself to do more of the things that I enjoy or just work less.”

Max Olson, President and CEO, Olson Insurance Agency



“I can’t express enough how thankful I am that Gail has taken the time every week to work on my business. I’ve been able to take the process I’ve learned from Gail and apply them directly to my business. It has helped me have the 2 biggest production months of my career. It has given me confidence in knowing exactly what I need to do to succeed.”

Matt MasonAssociate Agent – Boldt Insurance & Financial Services

“You do an amazing job Gail! I know you state your clients do all the work, but you have a real knack of getting to the root of the problem and solving it through action. Thank you for helping me become a better leader, business owner, administrator and person.”

Lisa Broadbent, President and CEO, Broadbent Insurance Agency



“Having a coach is like having someone on your team that is a neutral party and allows you to express anything you need to with them. The coach can then give an unbiased suggestion or opinion on how to handle the situation. Having a coach with experience in my industry has been invaluable. She understands my day-to-day struggles because others in my industry have the same issues and concerns. This is very beneficial to me.”

Lori CrivelliPresident and CEO – Crivelli Insurance Services

“It’s been great and well worth the investment! Some ideas and processes you’re afraid to implement yourself and having that coaching relationship with a coach that has as much credibility as Coach Gail makes taking the leap easier. Having a coach hold me accountable was what I needed in order to implement the right processes in my agency. To sum it up, having a business coach is like having a personal trainer, they are there with you every step of the way. I thought the process was awesome and rewarding! I feel like I have freedom! I definitely feel like more of a business owner instead of the business owning me. I’ve learned that I have to take more time to work on the business.”

Aaron Bickle, President and CEO, Bickle Insurance Services



“This coaching process, I would say, is one of the most important business decisions I have made to date. It has changed my personal and business life in many ways and was well worth the investment.”

Emily Gerber-PoePresident and CEO – Gerber Insurance Agency

“Gail has been instrumental in my success as well as two of my key people. She is fantastic to work with. She is direct, to the point, no nonsense and filled with tremendous wisdom, knowledge and tools. She has and continues to work with some of the most elite agents in the country for a reason. She will push you hard and if you take her advice to heart and implement it, you will notice great results as we all did. Enjoy the experience of working with Gail. It really is a privilege to work with someone of that caliber.”

Max Soliman, President and CEO, Soliman Insurance & Financial Services