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All my services are custom-designed to meet your unique goals, objectives and business or life challenges and aspirations. Below are the main areas in which I help my clients.



Time Management


Personal Organization

Customer Service



Goal-Setting & Planning


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How do you change others?

What’s magical is that by our changing ourselves, many times our relationships with others change. As a result, sometimes others change for the better, too. That’s the paradox! We didn’t start out to change others, however, because we’re different, people respond to us differently and thus, they change, too.

How do you lead?

Strong leadership and management drives organizational results. Business owners and other leaders must devote a large percentage of their time to develop, support and hold accountable their team members. Leadership starts with creating and articulating a shared vision, mission and core values. All organizational goals and objectives flow from these and the business and team members are monitored and managed to them.

Do you really need a coach?

It’s lonely at the top. Who motivates and inspires the top person? Who does the top person go to in order to vent; bounce off ideas; be accountable; personally and professionally develop themselves; become aware of blind spots; increase effectiveness; reduce stress; clarify direction and ideas, and so much more.

About Coach Gail

Business Coach

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications, with a minor in Interpersonal Communications at Cleveland State University. In January, 1995, I started PROFIT Thru Leadership, a Business/Life Coaching, organization development, training and consulting firm. Prior to forming my own business, I was a senior-level manager with a successful printing company and was Executive Vice President of a leading management and sales development/training organization.

Companies & People
I’ve Worked With

Gail has been instrumental in helping me transition from insurance agent to Agency CEO. She understands the challenges that we face in our agencies and has helped me to make the changes necessary for personal and professional growth.

We ended last year with an approximately 10% growth and are up almost 11% year-to-date currently. All of my associates are either on goal or just slightly behind. Your coaching services pay off in spades!! Your assistance is invaluable to our team.
Matt Boudreau

President/CEO, Matt Boudreau Agency

I think others have seen a change in me and they are more confident in my leading the company. My coaching experience has been freeing in a way that I know I have someone who will give me an honest outside opinion while understanding the nuts and bolts of the industry. I appreciate the experience and leadership qualities of my Coach. She is always a few steps ahead.
Brandon Seay

President/CEO, Your Great Outdoors

Client Results

Improved cash flow


Reduced stress and improved quality of life

Achieved employee accountability

Became more focused, organized and in control of business & life

Enhanced teamwork


Improved communications

Restructured company for improved results


Aligned employee activity with company vision, mission, values and goals

Achieved or exceeded goals and objectives

Developed and implemented tracking mechanisms to measure performance


Improved productivity


Increased revenue


Increased sales presentations


Reduced costs


Increased number of proactive sales calls

Business News & Resources

In what ways would things be different if business owners/managers interacted with their team members as “partners” instead of “employees”?

When given the opportunity to work with my clients’ team members in one-on-one coaching or training workshops, I endeavor to instill in them an attitude and mental mindset of a business owner. I truly believe that regardless of one’s position in a company, she must...

Are you the reason your team members are not maximizing their potential?

Employee non-performance is one of the most common topics of discussion in my coaching sessions with business owners and managers. Frustrations run high because the leaders assume employees “should know” what a good job looks like.  However, upon further questioning,...

What are you doing to bring out the best in your Team members?

One of the topics of greatest interest and concern for many of my clients is how to motivate their Team members. Some Team members are just getting by while others go the extra mile. Most business owners and managers believe they have good people working for them,...



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